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Members of the Madison, Florham Park, Hanover, & East Hanover Police Dept. Emergency Services Unit (ESU) trained in Thru-the-Lock & Conventional Forcible Entry.
Our job is physically and mentally demanding. What are you doing to keep yourself fit for duty? What helps you to stay motivated to workout?
We are looking forward to training hard and passing the knowledge along.
For all that know do not know Jimm, he was the creater of and is a District Chief in Winter Park FD in FL. He had a major medical emergency and is recovering at this time. Jimm has had a major impact on my fire service carrer as a friend and mentor. Please take a moment and send him your well wishes on his facebook pages, Jimm W
Can you name some life safety concerns for both civilians and firefighters?
Check out our demonstration of forcing our Door Knob Prop.
Getting to see all sides of the incident is crucial for making strategic & tactical objectives. Getting the 380 degree view will greatly assist in making command decisions.Ask me about the 380 at or find out about it yourself at
Here is 1 example of making life easier for us. What other examples do you have that make our jobs easier? Share here and we will re-post & share on social media.
Know the hazards of Building Materials and How they are Constructed.How would the bricks come down for a veneer?
Stand Pipe Caps are a necessary evil. Know what kind of caps you have in you district & how to operate them.
If you are interested in finding out about this prop and other just message us.  STAY SAFE - JOHN
When was the last time you actively participated in a Fire Behavior Class? The other night I was on the other side of the podium. I attended Mike Daley & John Dixon's Max Fire Box Lecture and Fire Behavior demonstration. It is always interesting to watch a fires progression, but its even better to have the WHY explained and HOW we can effectively a
Welcome, it is exciting to take this opportunity  to bring you along and show what the Fire Service  has to offer through our experiences at Beyond the Basics Fire Training & Consulting.  Whether you're a rookie or the Chief of Department we have many topics and ideas to offer and discuss.  Just come on in and look at what w
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